COVALRIA follows the three perspectives of Person, Plantboy, and FLWRboy as they go about their lives in the vast land of Covalria, working together at the end of the day to try and run a successful plant store.

Just off the coastline, their quaint, homely-little shop sits alone, surrounded by a hillish valley and a town just a ways away. Business may be annoyingly slow, but that solace is a selling point for the customers who do visit. Now, how exactly does one run a small business in this fantasy world?



The key for the storefront to get any sort of product, FLWRboy’s role is stocking and maintaining the shelves; traveling far distances for their diverse selection of plants! We don’t exactly know where this strength comes from, and how exactly he travels so quickly, but the shop would be nothing without FLWRboy.

A little mischievous here and there, a little silly, maybe a little too silly sometimes, but at his core, FLWRboy rides the wave of a carefree lifestyle.

Disk of FLWRboy


Trying his best to keep the other two from fighting all the time, Plantboy gives his customer satisfaction guaranteed, keeping the store clean and maintaining the plants they sell. He’s charming, a little witty, and gets in the middle of stuff that really isn’t his business. Also to note, he would love it if you stopped asking if the leaf on his head is for sale!

At the end of the day, he loves being there for his friends in need, snipping sections of plants out in public to try and propagate them, and overall listening to his plants’ needs.

Disk of Plantboy


The head of the operation, Person tends a majority of the logistical responsibilities of the Gardening Club. From shipments, relationships with vendors, and ensuring the books are up to date.

It’s a very taxing task for him; Person tends to get anxious easily, freaking out on the prospects of an uncertain future - and in a world like Covalria - it's very much justified! He likes a nice warm cup of coffee, a calm, sunny day for fishing, and would love for the pain to stop.

Disk of Person