Welcome to the Gardening Club!

Written by Leslie Swan |

Hey there! My name's Leslie, and I'm one of the writers for COVALRIA. I've been working together with Irvin on the backstory and narrative, as well as the site you're currently reading this on! I'm here to welcome you to our little corner of the Internet, solely dedicated to the mythical land that houses our trio's little shop.

COVALRIA is named after the fantasy world it takes place in, which was learned to harness plants in the same way we harnessed electricity. Despite its extraordinary premise, the world of Covalria is still down to Earth in the problems average people face. Okay, maybe there's the occasional threat from left field, but otherwise it's average human struggles. The relationships between characters was a big focus for us starting out, and that's something we get the chance to explore through the shorts we're now beginning to release.

Speaking of which, today marks the first release of our comic, which we've been working on for around two years at this point. Seeing this stuff finally be public to the world is immensely satisfying, especially given the long hours and sleepless nights that have been spent on this world. What started out as a small project of our OC's running a plant store together has grown to become something far greater than we ever imagined. This project has pushed us creatively and emotionally, and I cannot wait for you all to see what we've been working on.